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Meeting with Becca Anderson

a Ph D, student in communication.

topic of conversation: What is the most effective way to disseminate information?

While reading Malcolm Gladwell’s tipping point, he identifies three different people that must be present for an idea or product to take off. One is a connector, one is a maven, and the last is the salesperson. (I will explain this in more detail when I get to it in the book) Becca suggests that these are character traits of one person, who then becomes the super diffuser and network influential. This is also the person who creates a cascade of information or like to a certain product. These super diffusers have a lot of friends, and know a lot of people. They also use persuasive speech + writing. Not that they are selling a product but they are excited by its features.

Which lead us to vivid information. This is information that violates a norm. The vivid information that sticks with us is temporally, spatially or emotionally relevant. Which is why shocking messages or installations tend to have a lasting impact.


Create a website that is a simple survey, anonymous, that would have about 10 or so questions about civility or etiquette to find out what is appropriate or what is not appropriate, gauged by the general will. Then using the Gutman Scale to evaluate the results and draw comparisons.


Late Night Thoughts.

Why are people so rude to each other?

Can behavior be changed? According to Rousseau the answer is no. But I have hope.

What can change the behavior? How to get a consensus as to what is a communally recognized level or courtesy.
Cause really thats what grinds my gears, when people arent considerate of others, and focused on their own bubble. Whats best for the whole instead of me? Rousseau writes a lot about this in the Social Contract.

Other Artists
NYC Street Art – Silkscreen posters that create awareness of proper etiquette on the subway.