Patterns & Intersections


I am a firm believer in treating others with respect. Being raised in a small town, my brothers and I were instilled with the golden rule; to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. In a small town actions have consequences and anonymity is non- existent. Even though I have grown up and moved away from that small town, I find I constantly evaluate my interactions using this filter.

The lack of civility by the general public causes emotional reverberations I find to be disarming.

“Why aren’t people putting a little more thought and care into their actions toward others?”

Finding myself fascinated with this question, I couldn’t help but chronicle and analyze these brief moments in time. Illustrating these interactions satisfies my tactile nature and becomes a cathartic release of any lasting emotion. The ability to distill these interactions down to the most essential visual data, helps me perceive the perspectives and goals of each participant.

When examining these brief moments in time, viewers are asked to identify and explore their own personal interactions. The goal of this archive is to conjure up past experiences and ask viewers to question their personal level of civility. Through this process, choices are made visible.

Through the clarity this vernacular offers, viewers are invited to document, submit, and display their own interactions. It is my hope that participants move forward with the awareness of civility as a higher priority with future connections.

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