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Diagram evaluation

Evaluation of diagrams using the TRIP method of interpersonal analysis through Topic, Relational, Identity and Process goals. I did this in an effort to understand the negative thoughts that go through my head during a conflict. Conflict defined as an expressed struggle between two people with differing goals.


ORANGE : UTK IN NYC – diagrams

Documentation from the installation at White Box in NYC.

:: Out in Public – Artist Statement

I find that emotions trigger cognition of conflict and that conflict may be defined or expressed as a struggle between two individuals with differing goals.

My goal, as instilled by my parents, is to treat others as I would like, and expect to be treated. However, with the general public, I frequently encounter conflicting goals.

I have documented specific interpersonal portraits that identify conflict and have had a profound effect on my emotional state. Using the TRIP method of interpersonal analysis, I wanted to find out why these interactions have caused me such upset.

Upon conclusion, I realized my goal of a projected positive self-image was being questioned and devalued by the public.