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A new direction in diagrams

Based on my own experiences and observations, these drawings chart out interactions I have had in public. Most of these drawings involve people who for one reason or another were not aware of their own space or their environment. Keeping the imagery abstract, I want viewers to identify and put themselves in the situation before them and to  realize their own personal level of awareness.


Decisions, decisions

But first, reflection.

The past few weeks I have been knee deep in reading and researching. Which has taken my brain off in a million directions and led me to Ayn Rand. As interesting as that may be, I see myself doing exactly what I did in the first semester of graduate school. Thinking up of a great idea then starting it, but moving quickly on to the next when I haven’t resolved the current idea. A common opportunity, as I am told, in the art/design world. How to overcome this? Well it was a topic that was brought up during my thesis committee meeting today. A few things are going to help here

One :: Defining what my thesis is about: How can I make people aware of themselves and their environment?

Two :: What is the hypothesis: If people are aware of themselves and their environment, in theory, they will be less likely to be rude or have uncivil behavior.

Three :: Step back and decide what needs to be in the show. What pieces, that I have now that are resolved/unresolved, need to be included to get my point across? Once this decision is made it is production time leading up to April 17th – Thesis installation date.


Not an ending, but rather a check-in point as I continue to create, and research. But what to include that is necessary and beneficial to the viewers as well as my own research? This is a question I have an idea about but no solid answers yet. Stay tuned for the next week or so as I aim to answer and produce work. In the mean time a visit to the gallery is certainly in order.

*Civility diagrams that help viewers identify with the situation.
*Documentation of research

Thoughts n such

The original intent of thesis was about civility. More specifically to make people aware of themselves and their environment. Two things that I feel would abolish rudeness/incivility. However the more I read and experience, I can’t help but ask how can you make people care to be nicer / more considerate toward others?

The notion of karma has come up. Cause and Effect. Would you be OK if someone didn’t say thank you for a good deed but they paid that goodness forward at a later time? Is it OK that we keep our thoughts to the greater good without thinking about the individual?

How can I use the information that I am getting to make work from that isn’t simply regurgitating the information? But instead builds on it?

What do I want people to take away from my work? Installations? Whats the point?