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Interesting etiquette

Slugging is a term referred to on foot commuters who get into another commuters car during rushour so the driver can utilize the H-O-V lane. Once inside the car the etiquette for slugs is to be silent and not to bother the other people in the car. No gifts or money is exchanged and only a “thank you” is said at the end of the ride.

The driver depends on the passengers to be in the H-O-V lane and the passengers depend on the driver to get them to work. These unwritten etiquette rules fascinate me.

Courtesy Tent

On December 1 + 8, 2012, I will have a courtesy tent on Market Square in Knoxville. I will be selling buttons, t-shirts, and etiquette books. This will be during the annual Holiday Market so I am hoping to get a different range of people than a regular farmers market.

I’m aiming to engage market goers in dialogue about common courtesy, and to dress up in the courtesy clothing and stay in character¬† the whole time as a concerned citizen who wants to make a change.