Monthly Archives: September 2012

Off the wall, into space


The original visual is a symbol for people. What if that symbol was made out of something else? Something identifiable, that makes us think of people. Or perhaps thats too much? Can I represent a person without using any material that references life?
These were some initial studies replacing line with material.


How to be nice – Apparently in 16 steps. Number 12 is my favorite: Do those little things. Those little, everyday things, like holding the door for a teacher you don’t know, or smiling at someone who isn’t always nice to you- those little tiny things that don’t seem to matter much, but in the end, you come off as a much nicer person and you also show that you sincerely and genuinely care. – More messaging of being nice but in needlepoint, with a focus on everyday positivity.

This work got me thinking about materials and the message. What materials can I use to illicit an empathetic response?
Also revisiting the book of sands project to map out how one action can impact a world. Thread and push pins.



Environmental Typography

An initial study, using objects from the environment to create biodegradable messages in the environment. Failure? No. Success? Hmm not really. Somewhere in between. These were at Ijams on the Meads Quarry hiking trail telling the hikers to ENJOY at the trail head and then to SHHHH and QUIET around the graveyard.
Things to do better? As I went back a week later after the initial install I noticed that they were small, very small, and they blended into the environment a little too well. This was also difficult to document and measure the success rate of the messages. Looking at other artists such as Stefan Sagmeister, this idea of messaging in the environment can be expanded upon. – Urban play in the city of Amsterdam that invited residence of the city to participate in design/art projects. This one in particular was in collaboration with Stefan Sagmeister and resulted in 350,000 euro cent pieces being laid out to say “Obsessions make my life worse and my work better”