Monthly Archives: August 2012

Late Night Thoughts.

Why are people so rude to each other?

Can behavior be changed? According to Rousseau the answer is no. But I have hope.

What can change the behavior? How to get a consensus as to what is a communally recognized level or courtesy.
Cause really thats what grinds my gears, when people arent considerate of others, and focused on their own bubble. Whats best for the whole instead of me? Rousseau writes a lot about this in the Social Contract.


Other Artists
NYC Street Art – Silkscreen posters that create awareness of proper etiquette on the subway.

Project Ideas

Huge stickers that wrap/categorize/people

Acts of Civility – Mimic and intensify a persons bad behavior to bring it to their attention. Taped of course –

Scrolling messages in the car to alert other drivers. (Kinda like the lotto machine messages)

Text messages that give empathy to its recipients

Bringing people together around food