Monthly Archives: July 2012

A civility tent?

Selling civility in the public space. $25 app fee, then $17 or $22 per time to participate. The idea is to take the civility buttons and shirts to the market and gather people’s views about civility. What do they think it is? What was the last incivil act that happened to them? What was the most recent civil act they executed?

What am I more interested in? Public space or civility? What is it about public space that is so intriguing? How people interact? What is the understood etiquette? How do people get along in that space? How can that space be changed/edited/improved?



How to bring people together through food, that hasn’t been done before

Make a cake baking collective in an abandon space

Public spaces – what about it that is so intriguing?

Abandon America

Quite the opposite of Julius Shulman and his photography, documenting a better life through modern design, Abandon America is a photographic journey through the ruins of the american dream. Building that were once a shining beacon of prosperity and hope are now abandon and forgotten about, on the verge of imploding on themselves.

The Ruins of Detroit – along the same lines as Abandon America.