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Good manners are necessary for a civil society.
Perceived equality between people is necessary for empathetic treatment.
Viewing another person as an equal increases empathy.
Interacting with diverse groups broadens perceived equality.
Respecting another human begins with acknowledging that you are equals


Whats the threshold of uncivil behavior before a person reacts?
Has our threshold for inappropriate behavior increased?
How far can one go with bad manners before you get a harsh reaction?
How many perspectives will acknowledge inappropriate behavior?


Thesis feedback


If it is not… Then what is it?
Civility needs to be about interpersonal relationships because its civility between people.
The starting point is too narrow…whats left?
WHich method do you plan to put your energy into? If you had to frame this as a question, what is it?

What is the argument? It should not be a yes or no question.

Be willing to get messy/dirty/gritty like the world. You in the kayak is your best lesson of putting yourself out there. Don’t let it be just a surface investigation. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Put some aggressiveness into the method. Be aware of cultural constructs. (Micro-aggression: small aggressive (aversive behaviors?) moments)

Your work is really interesting when you are dealing with yourself. Think of design as a personal issue. People being civil to you. You being civil to yourself. Think about how civil people were the day after 9.11. What are the ways to engage public + realize the commitment to it. Repetition.

NOTE TO SELF: in the fall when I needed to brand something the first thing that came to mind was grout that will not mildew.

Be willing to take a risk, may make people really question why? + be engaged. Make the stakes higher for other people. What is the outside force that produces fear? I believe this, I don’t believe this.



How do you define your project if you are not defining+as the words in the list you gave. So you don’t want to get into psychological aspects?

Maybe try to get extremely specific – know your interests and disinterest, give yourself boundaries but don’t limit yourself.(don’t trap yourself)

Your delimitation are deep dives/investigations. Set a hierarchy of investigation.

If you were to frame your thesis as a question then what would the question be? Where is your argument – what is your response?

Your work is not messy, dirty, or gritty – where the world is. I hope you are willing to focus on the “raw” aspects. Get past the surface investigation. Be willing to get more aggressive. (Micro Aggression)

“thank you” holding the door, cultural context. What takes this past just politeness or what our mothers told us to do?

How much control do you want? Your interests/focus is more interesting when it relates to you personally. What does it mean to be civil to yourself?

Sustain the activity over a long period of time. Shows your commitment to it, and gets a different response from your viewer – a sustained risk.

I believe this. I don’t believe that and I am going in this direction. Read the Social Contract.


Your putting up too many fences
Be more specific in delimitation – what part of interpersonal relationships do you not want?
Which one of the methods do you want to focus on? Focusing the method is important.
Your work is more interesting when its around you. Everybody being to you. You being civil to you, deal with it from your perspective.

If you had to frame a question what would it be? Whats your argument? (not to define it) Argument general discussion.
The world is messy… your work is not, Get raw, put aggressiveness in your process

Loss of control (performance) Exploration of how much method and how much control

Engage public by sustaining an activity over a long time. Your work is very safe, you need a sustained risk, be visible if you sustain.

Use yourself as the control
You need to state your belief


Being more specific on what delineations – what part of interpersonal relationships

I am not interested in… specific certain project – broaden up be willing to dive deep!

Which one of your methodologies do you feel is most important–> develop a hierarchy

Frame is as a question, what would your question be? What would your argument be? Not a yes or no question. The answer to your questions, your reactions and responses would be your experiments.

Be willing to get raw, dirty, gritty – the kayak was your willingness to put yourself out there. Vulnerability, human emotional connections–> more so than the surface investigation of the may cause conflict. The Kayak represents relinquishing of control. Letterpress, method how much method & how much control

Micro-aggression – small aggressive moments/cultural constructs. Maybe go into the psychology of it.

Your work is more interesting when its about your personal issue – if you dont make it about everybody being civil to everybody & everybody being civil to you, bring it to a personal level.

How do you create that with such a broad spectrum, bring it together. What are they ways to engage the public?Sustain activity over a long period of time, how would it change if it was sustained over a long period of time? If you were to kayak every day?

Your work is safe, not risky, doesnt have to be big but needs a sustained risk commitment. It will change how people engage. Your stakes are not nearly high enough. Using yourself as a control you can create a conflict that is safe. I believe this & I don’t believe that.

READ social contract by Rouseau