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Grad Review 12.06.11

For the first time I was not nervous about showing or talking about my work to my peers and professors. Each project I enjoyed thinking about, ideating and making. I also received great feedback on the current work.

Here are suggestions and notes from today’s review:


Not enough passion in the posters- SAFE. Make the message resonate, amplify the feeling, challenge the notion of a poster. Build a ring off of your poster. Challenge the notion of a poster to equate the challenge of the notion of marriage. Consider how to activate the audience. Build a ring off of your poster. Audience would appreciate having to do a bit of work.

Ring poster

Does it bother me that rights are unbalanced? The posters seem complacent and lacking passion. There’s nothing that is making the viewer reevaluate their stance on the issue of marriage. They need to be more provacative. Put your passion into your work. Posters are not angry but consider humor. Get people on board.*Like that your not attacking people

Church poster

Upside down church more interesting and provocative than the rings.


What makes a collection? Photos? Your feet? Maybe push into sequencing? Insight or question the collection?

Take another view of your concept – look at Susan Botansky + Allan Fletcher. Take a look at a way other people would be sparked by your collection. Look at Lisa Cogden. Collection as methodology? Your collection seems like a way to engage and interact with people. Have people respond to how you organize your day/week/month. Push beyond auto drawing, engage them on a deeper level before the response. Make it become a conversation. Archival?

A collection of the things in between the collection. How do other people access the data of the collection + interpret it fresh. Collection of methodology=good. Why do I like colelctions so much? What is the difference between what you collect or just throw in a box. What is my definition of a collection? Have people more engaged in the process. Maybe it goes from you out to others + back to you –> make it a conversation.


Public performance? Giving buttons away when people perform the acts.

Rewarding someone for good actions. To be apart of your club – Im being watched. Is that ok? Inclusion/Exclusion.


Archival/Collections/ inclusion/exclusion


I feel that this semester was a great exercise in ideation, making and indulging in our own interests. An appropriate exercise given we will need to maintain this level of curiosity and making after leaving school. Upon looking at my work, I can agree it is good but forgettable. I am lost at the moment on how to make my work less forgettable, less safe and offending. Perhaps that should be the next challenge, create an unsafe offending piece.

Looking at the graphic imperative and Yossi Lemel Posters I understand the power of visual imagery but not the process on how to get there. This is the highly frustrating part. No one can give me the answers here I need to look at other artists, create, analyze and change.\\