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Putting the courtesy messages on a variety of shirts adds to the range of media that can be used to communicate this message of courtesy and civility.



Back in October I went to a conference in Columbus at Ohio State University. The conference was all about solving social issues with an interdisciplinary approach. While solving a consumption issue I met Eve Faulkes who is putting together a conference in March about Design for the Divide. The idea behind this conference is to start a conversation about an issue that divides. This involves identifying what both sides have in common and then using that to design for the sticking points. There is a call for poster entries by January 16 and I have chosen to approach the inequality of marriage between the gay and straight population.

Getting involved with issues that matter in Australia :
Amazing Video for marriage:

Here are some initial experiments

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P– perpetuating incivility

I read the book Incivility : The Rude Stranger in Every Day Life, to get a better idea of why incivility happens and how to impact peoples behavior without adding to the incivility in life. Incivility can happen in a multitude of ways. People might not have been taught to be courteous by their parents, there could be cultural differences or an area that lacks good traffic flow such as a sidewalk with many storefronts and bus stops. It is a fine line between combating this behavior and adding to the incivility of society by pointing out peoples faults.

This book also mentioned that good mood = good manners. In an effort to improve the mood of society I decided to create a bad day box. The idea is that you would write down on a sheet of paper what has put you in the bad mood, post it on the side of the box, go inside and relax for a few minutes to improve your mood. Writing down what put you in the bad mood is a cathartic exercise that helps us let go of thoughts and then being able to move into the box to decompress would further alleviate bad day stress.

The issues that kept coming up with this was if someone was inside and other people wanted to get in the box, both parties would continue their bad day due to one person steamed that someone is in the box and the person inside the box would be interrupted by someone trying to get in the box. It just perpetuated the bad day. So, thats the end of the line for this one (but take a look at the photos!). Besides the buttons are so much better.