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Project three has humble beginnings. As I left the post office a few weeks ago, an elderly lady was walking out in front of me and she held the door. Naturally I said “Thank You”, she held the second door and I said “Thank You”, as I walked up to my car and started to put my windows down the elderly woman came up to me and said ” It was really nice to hear Thank You when you hold the door for someone, I don’t hear that much anymore”  This put me on cloud 9, this notion that people still appreciate a simple Thank You.

Now about a half hour after that I was walking to the building on campus and was pushed off the sidewalk by another student who refused common courtesy. This is the sticking point. Where has our level of social grace (individually) and common courtesy (society) gone?

I’m proposing a project that rewards a level of common courtesy, to pay it forward and hopefully, hopefully transform rudeness into kindness. Some experimenting to follow.

Some influences:

Idea in a nutshell –
reward common courtesy with a chachtzki of some kind, with the ability to track it, or uploadability to have inclusive participation.
side note – take photos of kindness and rate them 1-10 (performance aspect)

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The idea for this project is to collect 30 things everyday for 30 days. The theme fluctuates from day to day so be sure to check them out on flickr:

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