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On the third day I collected everything that we threw out.

Here’s a more detailed list:
1 – dryer sheet
1 – plastic bottle top
1 – 2liter coca cola bottle
1 – silver latch end
1 – keurig cup
1 – apple core
2 – tea bags
1 – paper towel
1 – paper plate
1 – banana peel
1 – jiff jar
1 – neutella jar
1 – sonic to go cup
2 – rice to go containers
1 – sleeve of crackers
1 – hand mixer box
1 – qt. to go tub
1 – cereal box
1 – granola bar box
2 – to go containers (plastic+foil)
1 – to go round container
1 – hummus container
1 – blueberry container
1 – carrot bag
1 – bread bag
1 – 1/2 gallon milk jug
5 – shopping bags

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P ideas

P Some random ideas:

Paint a canvas a day for x days
The Environment – Choices/recycling/where does the trash go/how long does it take to decompose
Textured canvas – Touch it exhibition
An unreadable book (inspired by Bruno Munari)
How many pets are adopted per day and where do they go?
Using food to experience the artwork
Is there a hidden culture of people who put stickers on their cars?
Can I start caring tomorrow? A society of ME
Design the perfect t-shirt for skinny tall men


A lot came from the 2011 AIGA ThinkTank. Listening to Kate Bingaman-Burt, Justin Ahrens and Joe Duffy speak about their work was really inspirational.

This brings me to project #2. The daily. Being charged with collecting/making something for 30 days. This was week one of just collecting/making items. Here are a few photo sets of what was collected for certain days. One day was a collection of texture in the forest and the other was a collection of chalkboards on the UTK campus. Both sets can be found here: