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Revised Mission and Branding – web +mobile app

Mission Statement: To create a interactive memoir of one’s ancestor by traveling in their footsteps.

Who am I? : We are a company that facilitates the compilation of ancestral memoirs through personal travel

What do I do? : We provide the ability to compile an ancestors memoir through a mobile application and website. Users book travel on our website based on addresses and dates of a chosen ancestor. This will automatically create a profile of their ancestor on the website that will exist as an interactive time line. Through the mobile application users can document their journey with photographs, videos, audio clips, etc. that will populate automatically and chronologically throughout their journey. Extra content such as bakeries, authentic restaurants, churches and location specific historical information will also be included in the mobile application.

Why does it matter? : Users have the unique experience of learning about their heritage first hand by traveling/walking in their ancestors footsteps. Seeing first hand where their ancestor was born and the journey they took gives the user a closer connection to their ancestor that builds an identity.

Site name + Tag line:

Memoir30 – A journey to your roots. 

30 being the accepted year range between generations +  memoirs: a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge + journey an act of traveling from one place to another


Process, Process, Process

One idea tended to lead into another which led to another. Im excited about it all.

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