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This has sparked a little inspiration for the forced takeover of screen project. (A paper screen)What if the screen is a cutout of the cell structure of a disease/illness? Or if the screen envelopes a photo of my great grandmother?

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Interesting way of presenting a life story

Communication Arts Magazine

From the caption on the page: The top photo here was ” part of a campaign for Epson printers. In the ad, they put actual words into the lines on her face which told her life story. ”

The possibilities are endless with this direction. What about telling a persons history in line making their hair? Perhaps using type solely to create their image, or buildings of where they lived or a special event in their life? Incorporating part of it into a painting of some sort?

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Family Photos

Pauline Anna Müeller - Great Grandmother

Grandma + Grandpa Pangione

Michaeleen Pangione/Ward

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